Nerves and all that jazz..

I wish I could become friends with this tag! You guys are awesome :] But I’m nervous..and have never been good with making friends :x But I think I have like, one person I can talk to about Pewds and Cry and everyone else…and that’s my little sister….

Your stream was awesome by the way :) Thanks for the laughs when I kinda needed them :)

ANYWAYS…rants over…sorry!


EDIT: Aw guys! you’re making me so happy! I didn’t expect anyone to really see/reply to this :x Also, if anyone wants it, though i’m gathering courage to do this, my skype is crimesolvingpandas  and it’s that on twitch as well :) anyone in this tag can add me :x ahh! nerves.

totally spelled my own skype wrong x.x derp. told you I was bad at this stuff!

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  1. psychopineapple said: Shush, you’re awesome and can make friends, and even when you do make more friends through here, don’t forget me!! >:( - the totally awesome little sister who isn’t so little…short yes… :)
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    OH MY GOD PEOPLE ARE NOTICING US! I’m so glad you liked it! And don’t worry, I have one person too, but I never see her.
  3. banozac said: I second this.
  4. mariah-banks said: Let’s be friends. *hugs*
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